Removal of antinutritional factors from beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seeds

R. Bollini, E. Carnovale, B. Campion


Phytohemagglutinin and the lectin-related proteins present in bean seeds are toxic to monogastric animals and lower the nutritional value of beans. Since these antimetabolites are present in substantial amounts, a breeding program aimed to the removal ofphytohemagglutinin was developed. The character "absence of phytohemagglutinin" was transferred into a bean cultivar by backcrossing. The lines obtained maintained the agronomic performance of the recurrent parent. Preliminary results show that removal of phytohemagglutinin results in a higher true protein digestibility. Further modification in the composition of the lectin-related protein family is now under way.


kidney-beans; phaseolus-vulgaris; antinutritional-factors; lectins; nutritive-value; protein-quality; antimetabolites; leguminosae; nutritive-value; papilionoideae; peptides; phaseolus; plant-products; quality; vegetables

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