The investigation of antinutritional factors in Phaseolus vulgaris. Environmental and varietal differences

M. Muzquiz, C. Burbano, G. Ayet, M.M. Pedrosa, C. Cuadrado


This study enables us to indicate that the oligosaccharide raffinose family, phytate, saponin and lectin contents of P. vulgaris are clearly influenced by both environmental and genetics factors. The results also indicate no relationship between antinutritional factors analysed. From a nutritional point of view, these results would help investigators to select dry bean varieties with a high nutritive value (with a low content of alpha-galactosides, inositol phosphates, saponins and lectins) human consumption and large-scale cultivation.


kidney-beans; phaseolus-vulgaris; varieties; nutritive-value; antinutritional-factors; proximate-composition; environmental-factors; genetic-transformation; antimetabolites; leguminosae; papilionoideae; phaseolus; plant-products; quality; taxa; vegetables

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