Sensory analysis of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

M. Sanz Calvo, J. Atienza del Rey


The methodology of sensory profiling constitutes the basis of a descriptive quantitative analysis, defining a product with the minimum number of words and with maximum efficiency, using a precise tasting sheet, which can be reproduced and is understood by all. In this work, the texture profiling for different bean varieties that are characteristic of the Spanish market was carried out. Optimum conditions for samples and a tasting card were established, and a panel was trained. The texture profile results show significant differences amongst varieties and even amongst different origins for the same variety.


kidney-beans; phaseolus-vulgaris; varieties; organoleptic-analysis; texture; flavour; analytical-methods; chemicophysical-properties; leguminosae; organoleptic-properties; papilionoideae; phaseolus; plant-products; quality; taxa; vegetables

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