Diversification et intégration inter-spécifique dans les élevages ruraux au Burkina Faso

A.J. Nianogo, J. Somda


Diversification and inter-species integration in rural livestock system in Burkina Faso. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of existing relation between several animal species bred in extensive livestock systems. Data were collected about breeding importance of cattle, sheep, goat and fowl in four villages of the central region of Burkina Faso (Namanegma, Villy-Moukouan, Luili-Nobere and Yambasse). These villages are located in the Soudano-Sahelian agroclimatic zone. Partial correlation and bivariate ordinary least square methods are computed. The results show that livestock practices are related to diversification and species integration strategies of rural households. That is, many households (16.64/) breed four species together, while 6.14/ of households possess one species. Three and two species breeders account for 14.95 and 14.36/ of households respectively. Poultry represents a driving activity in extensive livestock system. From a social welfare standpoint, fowl activity accounts for 49.42/ of households employment. Cattle breeding is the highest stage in this system and represents a kind ofsocioeconomic prestige for the breeder. The four types of livestock are correlated at different levels. Thus, high correlation degrees are noted between poultry and goat (p > 0.50). On the other hand, there is a weak relation between the remote livestock levels (e.g. poultry and cattle, p < 0.50). These results suggest that incentive policies for livestock must take into account breeders strategies. To promote poultry production can create track down effect on the entire livestock system.


bovinae; sheep; caprinae; poultry; extensive-husbandry; rural-areas; diversification; agricultural-censuses; burkina-faso; africa; africa-south-of-sahara; animal-husbandry-methods; bovidae; caprinae; censuses; domestic-animals; economic-geography; extensive-farming; farming-systems; livestock; mammals; ruminants; socioeconomic-organization; surveys; useful-animals; west-africa

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