Analyse préliminaire de la situation et des perspectives de la culture du haricot de Lima (Phaseolus lunatus L.) sur la Côte péruvienne (Vallées d'Ica, Pisco et Casma)

P. Rouschop, J.P. Baudoin, F.C. Mayta, A. Drion, G. Mergeai


The Lima bean, Phaseolus lunatus L., is a crop of regional importance on the Peruvian Coast. Within the framework of a collaborative project between the "faculté universitaire des Sciences agronomiques'" in Gembloux and the "Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina" in Lima, we carried out a diagnosis of this speculation in the Ica, Pisco and Casma valleys in order to define the constraints which limit crop yields and to suggest improvements within the reach of the smallholders. To achieve these objectives we carried out a formal survey, centred on the Lima bean crop and smallholder relations with the agro-socio-economical environment, and an informal survey, centred on the studied farm systems. To complete these data we met some key informants belonging to all the sectors in contact with agriculture. This study allowed us to identify five undersystems in the farm systems of the Peruvian Coastal Valleys. These undersystems are: cotton, commercial food crops, self-subsistence food crops, livestock and fruit trees. The Lima bean usually belongs to the commercial food crops undersystem. There are two types of constraints. External constraints affect all the components of the farm system and are mainly: end of State support to agriculture, liberalization of trade and unavailability of credit. Internal constraints directly affect the Lima bean crop. Low income leads to a deficiency in pest control and adequate crop management. The Lima bean is also in competition with other components of the system such as cotton and common beans.


phaseolus-lunatus; agricultural-censuses; farming-systems; systems-analysis; economic-analysis; marketing-channels; peru; america; censuses; leguminosae; marketing; papilionoideae; phaseolus; south-america; surveys

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