Effect of urea treatment on digestibility and utilization of sorghum straw

A.J. Nianogo, S.L. Louis, S. Solaiman, C.L. Ouédraogo, A. Siaway


Nine male goats and nine castrated lambs were randomly divided into three groups of six animals to receive one of three experimental diets in a digestion trial. Diet S, provided chopped sorghum straw (SS), 28/ concentrate (C) and 10/ Dolichos lablab hay (D). Diet Su1 provided SS containing 2/ urea, 24/ C and 12/ D, and diet Sue1 provided SS treated to contain 2/ urea and ensiled for 28 days, plus 25/ C and 14/ D. Twenty four lambs were randomly divided into three groups of eight animals to receive one of three diets in a 56-day growth trial; diet S2 provided SS plus 60/ C; diet Su2 provided SS containing 2/ urea plus 60/ C, and diet Sue2 provided SS treated to contain 2/ urea and ensiled for 28 days, plus 60/ C. The digestion trial showed higher (P<.05) daily intake of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein and neutral detergent fiber for S, than for Sue1 and Su1. Dry matter intake was 55.93; 39.42 and 42.34 g[kgE0.75)E-1) for S1, Su1 and Sue1, respectively. Dry matter intake was slightly higher for lambs [50 g[kgE0.75)E-1] than for goats [42 g[kE0.75)E-1]. There was no effect of dietary treatments on apparent nutrient digestibility. During the growth trial, intake of straw varied from 17.97 (S2) to 24.78 g[kgE0.75)E-1 (Sue2), but differences were not significant. Daily gain did not differ between treatments. Total feed intake and feed efficiency were only slightly affected by dietary treatments. Average feed intake was 4.36/ of body weight. High concentrate intakes may have upset the effect of urea treatment and silo fermentation in this study.


goats; lambs; sorghum; straw; digestibility; urea; hay; lablab-purpureus; rations; chemical-composition; agricultural-wastes; amides; bovidae; caprinae; crop-residues; domestic-animals; feeds; gramineae; lablab; leguminosae; livestock; mammals; papilionoideae; roughage; ruminants; sheep; useful-animals; wastes; young-animals

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