Genetic control of isozymes in the primary gene pool Phaseolus lunatus L.

I. Zoro Bi, A. Maquet, B. Wathelet, J.P. Baudoin


Suitable electrophoretic separation methods of 34 isozymes from 17 enzyme systems resolved in Phaseolus lunatus L. (Lima bean) were developed. Data from the migration of the staining zones indicated that three loci control EST, GPI, IDH and MDH expression, while two loci control ACO, ADH, DIA, G6PDH, PER, PGDH, and PGM expression. The difference between the stained zones intensity on gels assayed for GDH and SOD suggest that each of these enzymes is also controlled by two loci. A single locus controls END, beta-GLU, LAP and SKDH. Based on the observed isozyme banding patterns, we inferred the quaternary structure of 11 enzyme systems. DIA isozymes were identified as tetrameric, ADH, fEST, GPI, MDH and PGDH as dimeric, and ACO, cEST, END, G6PDH, PGM and SKDH as monomeric. Allozyme polymorphisms of the resolved loci were estimated at both species and population levels. At species level, 74 / of the analysed loci were polymorphic while 44 / were polymorphic at population level.


phaseolus-lunatus; enzymes; allozymes; genetic-polymorphism; enzymic-activity; loci; genes; electrophoresis; analytical-methods; cell-structure; chemicophysical-properties; chromosomes; enzymes; genetic-variation; leguminosae; nucleus; papilionoideae; phaseolus; polymorphism

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