L'hydrologie, une partenaire de la géomorphopédologie pour une gestion transéchelle des grands enjeux environnementaux

A. Degré, C. Sohier, F. Colard, N. Kummert, A. Bauwens, J. Rauw, E. Beckers


Unsaturated soil and subsoil are often called "critical zone" considering their major interfacing role in our environment. Dealing with solute transfer or water and soil conservation, hydrologic research relies on pedologic descriptions. It is the case from micro to macro scale analysis. Hydrodynamic parameters are derived from pedologic information on soil. They allow hydrologists to quantify and spatially describe the dynamic exchanges between water, soil, crops and atmosphere. The modelling of water and solute transfer through soil and vadose zone also needs them. The paper presents some research highlights on soil behaviour, hydrological modelling and forecasting under climate change. Erosion is another major topic. Soil is a poorly renewable resource. Soil conservation and soft hydraulic management in watersheds deserve more attention. They can help limiting nutrient and sediment transfer to surface water. Again, pedologic information is the starting point of conceptualization and modelling. Furthermore, the Soil Map of Belgium includes information on geomorphology and landscape descriptions which date from decades. They are of first importance to calibrate and validate detachment, transport and sedimentation models. In the current context of high environmental concern, it is demonstrated how hydrology and pedology have to be partners in order to deal with such major issues.


Hydrology; géomorphology; soil sciences; water-soil-plant relationships; erosion; nitrate; simulation models; Belgium

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