Energie nécessaire au broyage de la biomasse et des produits densifiés

M. Temmerman


The literature about energy requirements for product milling in mining industry shows the subject has been, and still is, considered by numerous authors. Several milling theories have been proposed for these industries, especially concerning ores milling. The main mining milling theories and some of their evolutions are described in this paper. Biomass milling has been, by far, less studied. Nevertheless, few measurements are available about energy needed for milling of particular biomass, in particular systems. But studies taking into account enough characteristics of the milled material (origin, moisture content, particle size distribution) are scarce. In consequence, nearly none biomass milling model has been proposed. Concerning densified products (pellets and briquettes) apparently no data are available yet. Considering the milling theories, this study selects parameters that have to be taken into account when milling modeling comes to an end for biomass or densified biomass.


Milling; comminution; biomass; pellets; briquettes; milling theories; energy

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