Critères et indicateurs de production 'durable' des biocombustibles solides : état des lieux et recommandations

D. Marchal, F. Van Stappen, Y. Schenkel


At the present time, fuel oil prices are in an increase phase in a climate change context. In this frame, renewable energy sources are supposed to play a key role in a near future. Amongst renewables, biomass will probably be very much in demand. Biomass can indeed be used in several fields: heat, power, biofuels and also biobased products. At a European level, there is a strong objective to produce 20% of energy from renewables in 2020. Main criteria and indicators for sustainable solid biofuels production are analyzed: forest certification system in Wallonia, sustainable development criteria in Belgium by the Bureau fédéral du Plan, criteria for sustainable biomass production in The Netherlands. A literature analysis makes these aspects complete. Certification scheme implemented by Electrabel and SGS is given to illustrate the use of imported biomass (wood pellets) to produce electricity in 2 Belgian power plants. As a conclusion, it is essential to develop and improve certification systems to insure sustainable use of biomass in the world.


biodiversity; bioenergy; biofuels; biomass; competition; environment; greenhouse gases; legislation; renewable resources; sustainability; sustainable development

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