Genotype by environment interaction in dairy cattle

H. Hammami, B. Rekik, N. Gengler


The aim of this literature review was to identify the existence and scope of genotype by environment interaction (G × E)from reports on dairy cattle populations in different management systems. Methods applied to deal with G × E (controlledexperiments and large data modeling) were discussed. A G × E was confirmed essentially when high differences betweenproduction environments and/or genotypes (genetically distant genotypes) were observed. Environmental effects wereaggregated in most studies and identification of the components of the environment was largely unresolved, with only a fewstudies based on more definite-descriptors of environment. The implications of G × E on breeding decisions are discussed.Breeders should select genotypes on production traits within environmental conditions comparable to where candidate animalsare intended to perform.


Genotype by environment interaction; genetic correlation; reaction norm; dairy cattle; breed; selection

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