L'élevage du 'mouton de case' : aspects techniques, socio-économiques et perspectives d'amélioration au Yatenga

H. Boly, J.B. Ilboudo, M. Ouedraogo, F. Berti, P. Lebailly, P. Leroy


Household sheep farming : technical, socoieconomic aspects and improvement prospects in Yatenga (Burkina Faso). The paper presents a technical and socioeconomic analysis of the domestic sheep production and prospects of improvement in the province of Yatenga in the Sahelian Burkina Faso. A semistructured survey was carried out from June to September 1997 in 65 family farms distributed among 16 villages. The sheep are kept by women aged of 32.5 n 5.7 years, of the ethnic groups Mossi (80/) and Peul (20/). 75/ of the sheep are rams of Sahelian breed and 25/ are crossbreeds of Sahelian x Djalonke. The length of fattening period is 10 months on average starting at an age of 8 months and ending at 18 months. This period leads to the following expenses (in CFA francs, 1 CFA F = 0,01 French franc): purchase of the sheep (13,500 CFA F), veterinary treatments (5,000 CFA F), feed costs (15,000 CFA F), various expenses (3,350 CFA F), adding to an average total cost of 36,850 CFA F. The rams are sold to intermediate tradesmen in the village just before the Tabaski at an average price of 27,000 n 4,000 CFA F. The result shows on average a negative balance of 9,850 CFA F. Nevertheless, this sale is satisfactory for the women who do not consider as important the costs of feed which comes from the exploitation of natural resources. Three complementary ways are identified to increase profitability of household sheep fattening: 1) to improve the management of sanitary and genetic constraints ; 2) to increase average selling price of rams compared, at least, to the cost price; 3) to develop a marketing campaign emphasizing quality-price ratio and social impact of the activity.


rams; land races; fattening; extensive husbandry; surveys; input output analysis; burkina faso; africa; africa south of sahara; animal feeding; animal husbandry methods; bovidae; breeds animals; caprinae; domestic animals; economic analysis; extensive farming; farming systems; livestock; mammals; ruminants; sheep; taxa; useful animals; west-africa

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