Survey of pigeonpea production systems, utilization and marketing in semi-arid lands of Kenya

G. Mergeai, P. Kimani, A. Mwang'ombe, F. Olubayo, C. Smith, P. Audi, J.P. Baudoin, A. Le Roi


In order to assess the status of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) production in Kenya, two surveys were carried out in Makueni and Mbeere Districts in areas representative of the main agro-ecological pigeonpea producing zone of the country : (Mid-altitude ASAL). Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach was chosen as research method and was completed by household interviews based on a semi-structured questionnaire. The main points developed are the presentation of the different farming systems in which pigeonpea is considered as an important legume crop, the identification of the factors explaining pigeonpea production variations, the quantification of the use of improved varieties and improved production practices, and the analysis of the major patterns and trends in pigeonpea production, consumption and marketing.


cajanus-cajan; farming-systems; agricultural-economics; surveys; farmers; participation; kenya; africa; africa-south-of-sahara; agricultural-population; cajanus; east-africa; economics; human-population; leguminosae; occupations; papilionoideae; rural-population

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