Performances zootechniques et rentabilité financière des ovins en embouche au Burkina Faso

J. Somda


Sheep fattening in Burkina Faso: biological performances and profitability. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors affecting the economical and biological performances of lamb fattening operations in rural area. This study was conducted in Oubritenga province in Burkina Faso. Eighty-three rams supplied by 24 producers were involved in the test. Two rations were dispensed during fifty days. Body weight changes and financial operations were monitored. A weight gain model was built to explore growth determinants. Then, cost-benefit ratios were analysed to identify financial efficiency factors. Results show that growth performance depends on the combination of diet and sheep breeds rather than on feed only. Output markets and input marketing policy influence negatively financial cost-effectiveness. This implies firstly, that feed mixes proposed to producers must take species characteristics into account. Secondly, marketing policies enforced on livestock inputs which focus on reducing taxes are indispensable to improve the cost-effetiveness of fattening operations.


sheep; fattening; weight gain; input output analysis; burkina faso; africa; africa south of sahara; animal feeding; bovidae; caprinae; domestic animals; economic analysis; livestock; mammals; ruminants; useful animals; west africa

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