Effect of diet supplementation on growth and reproduction in camels under arid range conditions

M. Hammadi, T. Khorchani, G. Khaldi, A. Majdoub, H. Abdouli, N. Slimane, D. Portetelle, R. Renaville


Eighteen pregnant dromedary females (Camelus dromedarius) were used to determine the effect of concentrate supplement on growth and reproductive performances in peri-partum period. The females were divided into supplemented (n = 9; S) and unsupplemented (n = 9; C) experimental groups. All animals grazed, with one mature male, 7 to 8 hours per day on salty pasture rangelands. During night, they were kept in pen, where each female of group S received 4 kg per day of concentrate supplement during the last 3 months of gestation and 5 kg per day during the first 3 months post-partum. During the last 90 days of gestation daily body weight gain (DBG) was at least tenfold more important in group S than in group C (775 g vs. 72 g respectively). Supplementation affected birth weight of offspring (30.3 kg vs. 23.4 kg) and its DBG (806 g vs. 430 g) in group S and group C respectively. During the post-partum period, females in group S gained in weight (116 g per day) whereas females in group C lost more than 200 g per day. The mean post-partum interval to the first heat and the percentage of females in heat were 29.5 day and 44.4/ vs. 41.2 day and 71.4/ for the C and S groups, respectively. We conclude that under range conditions, dietary supplementation of dromedary during late pregnancy stage and post-partum period improves productive and reproductive parameters.


dromedaries; females; pregnancy; puerperium; supplementary feeding; weight gain; weight losses; reproductive performance; birth weight; arid zones; tunisia; africa; animal developmental stages; body weight; camelidae; camels; climatic zones; developmental stages; domestic animals; feeding; livestock; losses; mammals; north africa; physiological functions; reproduction; sex; sexual reproduction; useful animals

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