Contribution of forests and forestry to the mitigation of greenhouse effects in Greece

K. Radoglou, Y. Raftoyannis


In Greece, there is no official inventory for the activity land use, land use change and forestry. The national forest inventory was completed in 1992. Using the data of this inventory, the carbon store of woody biomass of Greece has been estimated by FAO-TBFRA (2000) as 52.04 millions t C, of which 46.36 millions t C is above stump biomass and 8.67 millions t C is stump and root biomass. The four highest priority mitigation options in the forestry sector in Greece are afforestation and reforestation; forest management improvements; protection of existing forests from forest fires and human pressure and substitution of fossil fuels with sustainably produced biofuel.


forest-trees; forests; greenhouse-effect; forestry; forest-inventories; forest-management; research-projects; afforestation; reforestation; land-use; source-sink-relations; biomass; forestry-production; greece; balkans; europe; forest-management; forestation; organization-of-research; plant-physiology; production; research; southern-europe; vegetation; western-europe

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