Introduction: Towards an integrated scientific approach for carbon accounting in forestry

E. Laitat, T. Karjalainen, D. Loustau, M. Lindner


In the COST E21-Action "Contribution of Forests and Forestry to Mitigate Greenhouse Effects", emphasis is put on the quantification of carbon storage in the forest ecosystems and on the understanding of linkages between human activities and climate change, particularly the role of forests and forestry. COST E21 integrates natural, socio-economic as well as methodological aspects relevant for reporting under the unitéd Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, as well as decision-making at the European level in the context of carbon mitigation in forest ecosystems. This Action is a pioneering attempt to co-ordinate research: to exchange experience and knowledge towards standardised greenhouse gas inventory accounting for forests over Europe. It will match, within four years (1999-2003), both scientific and political agendas. This paper gives a background presentation of the COST E21-Action, its work plan and its clearing house. It finally gives the outline of country specific information to the COST E21 as presented in this issue in a standard format.


forest-trees; forest-inventories; greenhouse-effect; carbon; land-use; forest-management; research-projects; research-networks; forest-ecology; carbon-dioxide; biomass; source-sink-relations; european-union; ecology; elements; forest-management; international-agreements; international-organizations; international-relations; nonmetals; organization-of-research; oxides; plant-physiology; research

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